Friday 5 May 2023

Day 45. Tour 4 Legacy .... and that's a wrap 😎😢

Well, after 44 days on the road....I  guess the day that really matters is here....finishing the Tour 4 Legacy at the Sydney Opera House....

I'm going to try and head over to join the IPWR route for the last 30km...Taken Point to the finish line. 

Dot watcher Andrew caught up with me climbing up the 10% on Alfords Point road and we rode to 2nd breakfast.

I continued on my way through the suburbs and eventually the city skyline was in view. 

Passing the "Hippo Sculpture" at Kyeemah felt very familiar as I often cycle around the area. The IPWR route from here to the finish line is practically home territory for me now. It follows the Bay to Bay cycle path along the Cook's River to Sydney Olympic Park. 

In the suburb of Rhodes,  I had lunch for the day....I'm going to need it, as there is some serious hill climbing in the next couple of km's. REALLY SERIOUS CLIMBS! 🥵 15% or higher! 

I hate this climb, I've only done it once before and that was in the old Rotovelo Mk1...EMPTY!... this time, with a full load is going to be really tough. I hope I don't snap the chain..😕 😳

There was some seriously heavy breathing and maybe a "bit" of swearing 🤬 in those couple of made the climb out of Adelaide seem pretty insignificant.....

Finally on the last 10km of cycle path it's mostly downhill,..... the Opera House is after all, at sea level 😎

Or is it!?

Those damn 55 steps to get onto the "cycling side" of the Harbour Bridge!!🤬

🤬🥵...over 5000km cycled and this piece of "Sydney cycling Infrastructure" is just SO DAMNED ANNOYING! 

.... fortunately there's always a couple of dot watchers not far away.... many thanks to Maurice and Sam for the extra muscle power in getting the Jaffa up those stairs and onto the bridge deck. 

In the last km it was very difficult to hold it together while navigating around the pedestrians.....something about tears in my eyes....must be the sunscreen 😢

On seeing family members waiting for me at the Sydney Opera House...I lost it.😭😭....5181km of cycling, 45 days on the road... a couple of close calls....and probably the most fun I've enjoyed....🙂

I've completed the Tour 4 Legacy. 👍🏻

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