Friday 5 May 2023

Day 45. Tour 4 Legacy .... and that's a wrap 😎😢

Well, after 44 days on the road....I  guess the day that really matters is here....finishing the Tour 4 Legacy at the Sydney Opera House....

I'm going to try and head over to join the IPWR route for the last 30km...Taken Point to the finish line. 

Dot watcher Andrew caught up with me climbing up the 10% on Alfords Point road and we rode to 2nd breakfast.

I continued on my way through the suburbs and eventually the city skyline was in view. 

Passing the "Hippo Sculpture" at Kyeemah felt very familiar as I often cycle around the area. The IPWR route from here to the finish line is practically home territory for me now. It follows the Bay to Bay cycle path along the Cook's River to Sydney Olympic Park. 

In the suburb of Rhodes,  I had lunch for the day....I'm going to need it, as there is some serious hill climbing in the next couple of km's. REALLY SERIOUS CLIMBS! 🥵 15% or higher! 

I hate this climb, I've only done it once before and that was in the old Rotovelo Mk1...EMPTY!... this time, with a full load is going to be really tough. I hope I don't snap the chain..😕 😳

There was some seriously heavy breathing and maybe a "bit" of swearing 🤬 in those couple of made the climb out of Adelaide seem pretty insignificant.....

Finally on the last 10km of cycle path it's mostly downhill,..... the Opera House is after all, at sea level 😎

Or is it!?

Those damn 55 steps to get onto the "cycling side" of the Harbour Bridge!!🤬

🤬🥵...over 5000km cycled and this piece of "Sydney cycling Infrastructure" is just SO DAMNED ANNOYING! 

.... fortunately there's always a couple of dot watchers not far away.... many thanks to Maurice and Sam for the extra muscle power in getting the Jaffa up those stairs and onto the bridge deck. 

In the last km it was very difficult to hold it together while navigating around the pedestrians.....something about tears in my eyes....must be the sunscreen 😢

On seeing family members waiting for me at the Sydney Opera House...I lost it.😭😭....5181km of cycling, 45 days on the road... a couple of close calls....and probably the most fun I've enjoyed....🙂

I've completed the Tour 4 Legacy. 👍🏻

Monday 1 May 2023

Day 44. Tour 4 Legacy ..the penultimate ride

So today brings the second last day of the Ride Across Australia 4 Legacy...
I don't know how I'm feeling,  it's somewhat difficult to think that it's all just about over. 

A cold morning here in Mittagong, with crystal clear's looking like a great day. 

Today's ride is to include a visit to my Transport Sponsor, GMK Logistics and a gentle ride towards tonight's accommodation. 

Added's downhill most of the way. 👌

30km to the only roadhouse on my route and 2nd breakfast, which was kindly donated by a Mum & her Son who we're totally in awe of what I've achieved. 
Thank you very much 😊 

Oh look! The petrol bowsers are closed 😆

In my case, as long as there's food...I'm all good 🥧🥪☕️

Thankfully the day's riding was uneventful, a nice day and a nice ride..

Then I finally reached this sign....
I lost it. 😭 reality hit me.... I've cycled across the Nation!  It was pretty hard trying to cycle up the next rise....maybe it was the sunscreen getting in my eyes...but I doubt it. 😉

At last, a chance to relax and jump back onto a proper cycle path, and really let the achievement set in. 

Dot watcher Andrew caught up with me whilst I loaded up on those comfort calories at you know where... "M" 🍔🍟🥛

I spent an enjoyable time with the team at GMK Logistics relating some stories from the road. 

They tell me that they are happy to offer their services again, should I wish to repeat my adventure....

I'll need some time to think about that 🤔 😎😉

The last 20km of the day was all on shared pathway to tonight's digs...

I guess the Jaffa deserves a night inside...🌜

Sunday 30 April 2023

Day 43. Tour 4 Legacy

If the rain was heavy yesterday, it turned it up a notch during the night, and it absolutely looked like it was waiting for me to "make my move" 😉 this morning..

...I've got places to go and people to see....

look out rain,  here i come. 

Well, not until 1st breakfast is taken care of...

I think the Jaffa is sneering at me.....😶

The 9% gradient 1st up! 🥵
It has to go down eventually 🚀

Several kilometres up the road and I'm in "Velomobile Territory" 
..rolling undulations...
conservation of momentum gets me sailing along at 55+kph for a good 5-6 kilometres 👍🏻👍🏻

You have to make the most of these situations...because soon enough it's back to granny gear and climbing again at 5-6 kph 🥵

Marulan...2nd breakfast stop 😉

I'm sure the Jaffa is watching me ...again 🤔 
It being left out in the rain while I stuff my face again 🙃 

More rain, more hills, more kilometres knocked over..

Someone has a sense of humour 🤣🤣

ooooh...the Golden Arches ✨️ 

A few more junk calories? Why not!   30km left to the day...plenty of time. 

Destination reached,  rain is clearing 👌 

Check over the Jaffa for tomorrow...we ride!

Day 42. Tour 4 Legacy

It is a nice feeling to know you've beaten the bad weather to your destination....

It's rained heavily for most of the night. 
This morning...I'm going to take the "Pepsi Challenge" and make an executive decision 

Let's race the rain to Goulburn. 

Off we go, a quick grocery shop and the race is on....🚀🌧

Lining up for the downhill blitz...and 


Oh boy!  Just as well I'm in a Velomobile. I love the weather protection...
The day would be really horrible if you were out on an upwrong bike. You'd be wet, and freezing 🥶 

My breath is blowing steam as I tackle the highway and hills. Apparently it's 7°C outside the Jaffa and a steamy 18°C inside it. 

100% humidity too 🥵
Nice 😎 
🥵🥵🥵. least I'm warm..
and stewing in my own sweat 😓 

45km done and "who said 2nd breakfast? "

Ok. If I have to ... ☕️🥧🥪're it!

I'm wet on the outside, might as well get wet on the inside... & a couple of pies 🥧 

The rain arrived with a vengeance for the rest of the ride 🌧🌧

I didn't beat the rain, but a warm Motel room and hot shower...the table is turned and I win anyway. 😉😎

Saturday 29 April 2023

Day 41..Tour 4 Legacy

And the dog sat on the Tuckerbox, 5 miles from Gundagai....

There was a light rain shower at about 3.30am this morning, with a forecast of very wet weather to come for the next few days 😳 I just want to beat it to Yass. 

1st breakfast is at the cafe near the Dog on the Tuckerbox monument. About 7km north of Gundagai. 

Then it's off to go hill climbing for most of the day. I'll just tackle them one pedal stroke at a time. Just find a comfortable pace with relaxed breathing and settle in for the ride 

⅓ of the way up the first big climb and it's good to know that I'm pretty safe from getting pinged for breaking the speed limit 😉🤣

I did have a Highway Patrol car and Police motorcycle both go past me...which was a change from having them stop me to "chat about road safety" 😎

I guess drivists here can see me  🤷‍♂️🙄

Sometimes a comfort stop just involves letting sweaty feet get some relief 😌

One of the last big climbs of the day...
650m in 25°C heat, dragging the Jaffa still at 140kg doesn't get any easier 😒 
But! There's always a "down" side....😍

Looking back over my shoulder and the looming dark clouds are getting closer...I'd forgotten about the approaching rain 🌧 

Afternoon tea...🤷‍♂️
Always time for afternoon tea..

Impeccable timing....pulled into tonight's stopover and the heavens opened 


Thursday 27 April 2023

Day 40. Tour 4 Legacy

....I feel a gentle breeze as I crawl out to meet the world this morning, a sign there's not a lot of dew settled on the ground or tent... a dry pack up today..

A very comfortable night's sleep again. 

The freshness of the morning is something I never get sick of, the crispness of the air is delightful. The morning sounds of the magpies and kookaburras...the bushman's alarm clock.... 

1st breakfast, 400m up the street at Holbrook Bakery...then it's off to Gundagai 

Getting a clear run in the breakdown lane...not too much debris...
Some long runs "out in the lanes" due to the ripple strip taking up MY bike lane 🙄 or the new chip seal crap being too rough to ride on...

Then the steepest climb so far....the locals call it "aeroplane hill".... one hell of a long,  steep climb to Kyeamba Rest area....and 2nd breakfast. 

I'm just about to jump in and roll on, when the ever present "Dot Watcher" turns up with a top up for my ration pack 👍🏻👍🏻

I'm always happy to have a chat with them and tell stories of the road...

Thanks Jonathan 👍🏻 

This part of my ride is now climbing through the Great Dividing Range....plenty of UPS....and some DOWNS, where I can let the Jaffa have its head and blast downhill at 65+kph....
The wind today is variable and the occasional burst of crosswind at 60+kph makes for "interesting" antics in the Jaffa. 😎

I think I remember more about the climbing than the descents because of the amount of effort required to conquer them... 🤣...and the amount of detail I experience travelling so slowly. The animals in the scrub, the smell of the roadside trees, the smell of passing cattle trucks! Stopping to talk to the cattle and sheep in the paddocks....stuff you never stop your car for! Unique experiences! 

Shady spots and the view at the top of climbs have been very good today. 

Today was also rather warm at 26°C, and those times I was climbing with a tailwind added extra heat to the cockpit...nice and juicy in my own sweat 😓 😓 

Finally,  hitting the last downhill run for the day, and cranking out along the flats into Gundagai at a nice 35kph  for those last few kilometres, was a pleasant way to reach the day's destination. 

Welcome to Camp Gundagai  🏕 

Wednesday 26 April 2023

Day 39. Tour 4 Legacy

.... it seems to be a bit chilly this morning, there's quite a heavy dew on the tent... but I sleep very warm of a night...sometimes a bit too warm, waking in a lather of sweat. 

It must be the beanie and bed socks 🤭 

....but I think it's the "sea to summit" thermal sleeping bag liner.... it truly works as claimed in my opinion ... to increase the warmth of your sleeping bag by 5°C to 15°C.  a pretty good piece of kit. 

It's turning out to be a cracking day for riding... and the pictures don't do the scenery justice....

An informative comfort stop...
A lot of the rest areas are named for Victoria Cross recipients, with information of their Citation and a bit of life history. 

Thank you for your service. 

Moving on to 2nd breakfast again 👍🏻

Crystal clear skies, cool temperatures, very little wind....😎

I had a marvellous run into Holbrook, small undulations, 35kph and faster for the last couple of kilometres...totally great fun....proper velomobile riding 😀 

In the town of Holbrook is the display of HMAS Otway ...a full size Submarine. 

This picture shows the propellers and rear stabiliser...
... a bit to big to attach it to the Jaffa 😀😎

....and at the "pointy end"

"Daddy, I've found you 😍..
..will I grow up to be as big as you?" said the Jaffa...

....lunch at the Submarine Cafe 👍🏻👍🏻

In checking the weather forecast, rain is due pretty soon, as early as Friday morning... time to devise a plan for its arrival...

I reckon I'll stop here today, & head for Gundagai tomorrow and maybe take a rest day while the rain passes through. 🤔

Due to the wet pack up this morning, best to get things dry for tonight. 

Good to see my mascots are still getting along 😉