Monday, 13 April 2015

However... Tour De Legacy 2015 is on now...

I had made tentative plans, well, at least "thought" that I'd like to have had a crack at, the Tour De Legacy 2015

It's the 2015 fundraising ride for Legacy, and it's being attempted by the Legacy Riders of Adelaide, many of whom are the riders that met up with me, and escorted me, on my ascent through the Adelaide Hills.

They have a blog here if you're interested.

Alas the Gods have conspired, I miss out.


One month on from the Rocket's demise, I am recuperating reasonably well...most aches from the original impact have diminished, though there have been a couple of set-backs.......

After being given clearance to attempt cycling, and return to work, "new" pains have shown themselves....

My first attempt at cycling on the old Cool Cruza Trike set off a huge amount of pain through the legs and lower back...thinking that it's just "tight stuff loosening" I rode a few Km's and things did release a little...However, I spent the next 4-5 days in a world of hurt.
A visit to the Physio confirmed my diagnosis,...cycling muscles not being used.

Finally an attempt at return to work, 1/2day only,  April Fools Day.... that's an omen ..

Managed the half day, but quite stiff & sore at the end of day...BOLLOCKS!... feels like I'm back to Day 1.....   More rest required.....

Easter 2015....
where did THESE aches come from.... seems like the "impact shockwave" is travelling across my body!!   it started down the Left side..... throught the back and now the Right shoulder and leg are giving me "curry" feels like the shoulder is dislocated!!WTF!!..just hurts like crazy, & the leg feesl like I've been slapped across the calf by a length of pipe!!
GRR,  cant get to Dr or Physio for a few nothing for it but to rest & more rest.


Damn this getting old caper    LOL