Saturday, 28 November 2015


Thank you Trisled......Thank you GMK Logistics.....

I collected the RV from GMK Logistics & I can't thank them enough!

My first impression is... nice repair job Trisled!!,  it feels and travels like new.

So off I go to see a mate for a bit of "show & tell", we add a few extra psi to the tyres,.... coffee later, heading off and....

A split in the tube seam at the valve, I'm carrying a spare & it's a quick fix and I'm "rolling".......

of I go.......sort of.......5km up the road & 

same thing, different tyre.....split tube seam near the valve......**sigh**  
hmmm.... no more spare tubes..

Call old mate, who rescues me with another tube.... & off!   for "take 2"...

Only 2km further when the chain jumps off the rear cassette  FFS!! pics, this is getting embarrassing & I'm beginning to wonder "why is this so?"

10mins of fiddling and ....."take 3"...... I need a coffee!!

It's at this point I realise I've left Norseman at home....."light bulb moment"    maybe he's sending me "Bad Juju".... we've done 1000's of kms together & today, of all days, I've left him at home.....
serves me right!    LOL

So, coffee time & the RV wants to hide.......

Back out & underway, I manage to arrive home in one piece.... no more tyre dramas, but there is quite a bit of miss gear changing happening with the rear cassette.... gently does it......

Home & hosed!

Now for a bit of tweaking & finer tuning....

and Voila!!!

a new days ride, all be it in the rain......

Norseman looks happy, ,n I reckon I am too.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Good news.....and's been about a month now and there's finally a bit of good news......(& some not so good news)

Good News...
The Rotovelo has been repaired, and is due for re-delivery to its rightful place in Sydney LOL.....

Thanks again GMK LOGISTICS 8) 

CAN"T WAIT!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 

(& I hope Trisled won't mind me paying off the repair bill) :oops: 

Not so good news....
..... the saga in Civil Court of trying to claim compensation from the drunk driver is F$%^Kin Pi55ing me OFF!!.... :evil: 

I had the Court registry serve my claim on him, giving him 28 days notice to is day 28 & yesterday received notice back from the Court that they were unable to Serve my Claim, as there was "no letterbox" at the address I gave them for the driver Say What??.... So now it's going to cost me more $$ to have it Served a Sherrif's Officer this time.... I thought that is what I paid for but apparently it was just posted by the Court....... I could've done that......& a whole lot cheaper too.... FFS :|

None of this civil court crap would be happening if the Prosecutor had mentioned it to the Magistrate at sentencing!!....he had all the info.
How do I sue the Prosecutor for PROFESSIONAL NEGLIGENCE??

Monday, 26 October 2015

Plan D

GMK Logistics    have shipped the Rotovelo to Melbourne for me, & it has made its way to Trisled for an evaluation on the viability of repairs....

The Civil Court proceedings have also commenced against the driver.....

Time moves on...

Sunday, 11 October 2015

I think the Saints are still swearing......

A further update:-

**Plan A.... MAJOR FAIL!

My claim for compensation SHOULD have been mentioned BY the PROSECUTOR at the time of sentencing, IN FRONT of the Magistrate..... for some INEXPLICABLE reason the Prosecutor on the day DIDN"T make any mention of it... FFS!!  (I'm "somewhat annoyed" at that   ) Hence, I missed out

 therefore plan B.... Civil Court Action

**Plan B..... Looking very unlikely

Driver has never stated, nor have I or any relevant authorities been able to ascertain if there was/is any third party or comprehensive insurance on the vehicle involved so I can claim compensation
The vehicle seems to only have had a CTP Green Slip, (ie Rego), which HAS covered my injury treatments and hopefully should pay my lost wages claims...This claim is now in the hands of the CTP Insurer & I am awaiting on payment atm.
Haven't got my hopes up that restitution will be forthcoming at a suitable rate to be able to get a NEW Rotovelo quickly

**Plan C....  setting up a "Go Fund Me" page,
to see what support I could get for the $6000 required to purchase a new Rotovelo.... where I am seriously thinking of the option to REPAY ALL donations when the Civil Court Claim is finally paid out..... I'm yet to set this up....

**Plan D....  Repairs

Trisled have been in touch to see how my "trials & tribulations" are progressing. Previously they have offered to send parts so I can carry out repairs myself....

I have related the above tale to them, and they say, that if I can get the RV to them, they'll be able to check the accuracy of the cruciform frame on their original jigging. (which on their original quote/assessment MAY be Ok, or repaired if needed) I'm hoping the frame is straight, as this is my main concern about going ahead with doing the repairs myself.

In order to keep my costs down, I am happy for them to supply Used parts etc, just so I can get the Rocket back out on the road.

Transporting the RV to Vic was going to be a self funded, few days off work, & stuffing it into the wagon for a drive, wait for repair, & return journey to Vic....

****Come in GMK LOGISTICS.... my original sponsors for my Ride Across Australia......

Just on spec, I thought I'd pay them a visit, relate my "tale of woe"   :|  & see if they would be able to help me out

**********THEY HAVE, BIG TIME!!,     I'm over the moon, they will transport AND return the RV for me!!   :D STOKED!!********

I've just got to wait for a vacant space on one of their trucks for each trip, & all will be taken care of.....  I've waited over 6 months so far, so a few extra weeks isn't going to kill me..... I really miss riding the Rocket!!

With this repair option, hopefully it won't be too expensive, & as an aside if it's going to be tough, I'm thinking to just setting up  "Plan C" above, just to cover repairs......Fingers Crossed all will be good

Option D wins at the moment.....

Saturday, 15 August 2015's enough to make a saint swear. ..

....the driver has had his day in court & been sentenced...

He's been fined for:-

*High range Drink Driving
*Negligent Driving
*Leave scene of accident
*Not exchange details after accident

Total of $4500.00

& with previous convictions for high range drink driving gets a 3 year licence disqualification....

** & 12 months in "the cooler"

He's a slow learner!!


the Prosecutor on the day, for some "inexplicable reason" didn't mention to the Magistrate, my claim for compensation for my Rotovelo which was in the court papers!!!  So I've missed out!!

WTF!!  I'm the innocent victim here!!

The whole reason of getting my claim in at the time of this guy's sentencing, was to get it sorted ASAP..... now I've got to head for the Civil Court & try my luck thing to my advantage hopefully is that this guy has been convicted & sentenced, so proof of guilt for the crash should be sorted....maybe. ... be continued

Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Saga continues....

Further Update.....

*Sigh*   almost four months after the demise of the Green Rocket,  a.k.a. The Jellybean,   a.k.a. The M&M Peanut,...the Court system grinds slowly on.
The driver was due for Sentencing on June 15,2015,  but this has now been adjourned to July 20,2015.  Not that I am counting the days....much!!

I have submitted the Manufacturers Repair Quote to the Court, which details the cost of repairs as exceeding the RV's purchase price & therefore is officially a write off..

Fingers crossed the Magistrate will see in my favour & include the replacement of the RV in the driver's sentence...  

The next problem will be getting the actual $$$$ out of him... hopefully he'll have a Bank Cheque ready to go.......*yeah right!**Pfft*

Do I sign up for Crowdfunding???

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tour de Legacy 2015

The Tour De Legacy 2015, Canberra to Adelaide...  Inspirational!!

And the blog is HERE

Monday, 13 April 2015

However... Tour De Legacy 2015 is on now...

I had made tentative plans, well, at least "thought" that I'd like to have had a crack at, the Tour De Legacy 2015

It's the 2015 fundraising ride for Legacy, and it's being attempted by the Legacy Riders of Adelaide, many of whom are the riders that met up with me, and escorted me, on my ascent through the Adelaide Hills.

They have a blog here if you're interested.

Alas the Gods have conspired, I miss out.


One month on from the Rocket's demise, I am recuperating reasonably well...most aches from the original impact have diminished, though there have been a couple of set-backs.......

After being given clearance to attempt cycling, and return to work, "new" pains have shown themselves....

My first attempt at cycling on the old Cool Cruza Trike set off a huge amount of pain through the legs and lower back...thinking that it's just "tight stuff loosening" I rode a few Km's and things did release a little...However, I spent the next 4-5 days in a world of hurt.
A visit to the Physio confirmed my diagnosis,...cycling muscles not being used.

Finally an attempt at return to work, 1/2day only,  April Fools Day.... that's an omen ..

Managed the half day, but quite stiff & sore at the end of day...BOLLOCKS!... feels like I'm back to Day 1.....   More rest required.....

Easter 2015....
where did THESE aches come from.... seems like the "impact shockwave" is travelling across my body!!   it started down the Left side..... throught the back and now the Right shoulder and leg are giving me "curry" feels like the shoulder is dislocated!!WTF!!..just hurts like crazy, & the leg feesl like I've been slapped across the calf by a length of pipe!!
GRR,  cant get to Dr or Physio for a few nothing for it but to rest & more rest.


Damn this getting old caper    LOL

Monday, 16 March 2015

Demise of the Green Rocket ..

Alas, I have to report that I & the RV have become the victims of a motor vehicle "altercation".

Returning home after a "family day out", I was cycling on the share path & waiting to cross the road at a set of traffic lights. Suddenly hearing the screech of car tyres, I find myself being shoved sideways & backwards. ... WTF!!

A car has hit me & the traffic lights I am sitting beside.. head-on.

I see the car rolling back across the intersection, I hear the driver restart the engine, thinking he's pulling the car off the road...only to see him drive off!!  Quick thinking I record the registration..
An eye witness stops to see if I'm ok, I immediately tell him to call the Police & Ambulance, as I find I've got a cut to my leg.
Another witness has followed the driver & called Police on him as he's hit a couple of other vehicles as well.

I'm treated by the Paramedics, & speak to the Police, to find that they have the driver under arrest for drink driving, hit & run. Phew, a sigh of relief. .Got 'im!

The poor old RV is looking worse for wear, both front wheels are buckled, the frame is bent at the axle mounts, the body work is badly damaged & split underneath.