Monday, 1 September 2014

Rotovelo Across Australia 4

Launch of Legacy Week 2014

Today I'm attending the Official Launch of Legscy Week for 2014. 
For those that may not be aware, I have achieved 4th position for Individual Fundraising for Legacy in 2014. 

I sincerely thank every single one of you that has either donated to Legacy, or help support me in the many ways you have, throughout this magnificent adventure. 

Today you will all be with me. 

Many thanks to Legacy Australia for the invitation. 

      Their Name Liveth for Evermore  

Sunday, 17 August 2014


After completing my Rotovelo Across Australia Ride, I've somewhat settled back to the daily grind. Ho-hum, life has to go on...

Recently I have received an Invitation to attend the 

National Launch of Legacy Week 2014. 
The Cenotaph,
Martin Place

Norseman wants a ride

I've been back home for almost 3 months!! I still find it hard to believe my accomplishment.  
I've recently been through all the trip photos, & this seems to help it "sink in". 

Today I'd organised a catch up with Thel & Lou. I hadn't seen them since Bondi. 
My time flies when you're back to reality. 
Back to the salt mines & "life" again. I've lost 2 months of the year!

Did I ride that far??

So this morning I saddled up with Norseman, & we headed out for brunch. 

Following the Cook's River Cycle Path, we meet the usual "cyclepath FAILS!!"

Bollards too close together ....

gaps bearly wide enough to walk through...let alone get a DF bike through. No chance in hell of getting a trike or Velomobile through.... & this is a major cycle/share path!!

This old bridge involves a 15point turn to navigate the 180deg turn !!!  
It's easier to get out 'n push... faster too!!

Norseman spotted a British Airways jet 'n had the thought... Fly to London & ride back to Sydney??


That'll cost a packet LOL

Had a great brunch n chat with Thel & Lou. 

A dry ride with threatening rain. Cool! :-)

102km round trip. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Day 48. Final ride to Bondi.

I start today wondering where the time has gone. It only seems like a few days ago I was standing in Fremantle wondering just what lay ahead, how on earth was I going to be able to ride my Rotovelo across the Australian Continent ... 48 days later, I'm 50km from doing just that ....

The last sunrise of the journey, the road sign pointing to Sydney, my eyes welling with tears... emotions are mixed but very moving. 

Only 10km to go... I've been replaying many of the days in my mind, it's been the greatest adventure of my entire life ...

But my meeting up with "Thel & Lou" at Bondi Pavillion, Bondi Beach, Bondi, NSW is going to be a hard memory to erase.  

48 days


Fremantle W.A to Bondi Beach NSW. 

Norseman. .... We made it, Buddy!!!

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Day 47. Narellan - home ( overnight only )

Emotional... for sure. 


Today is just a short ride to meet up with those, that can't make it to escort me to the official ride finish, at Bondi tomorrow... and maybe want to escort me back home. 

Only CB from the ride group came today. It was great to see a familiar rider, at this stage of the journey. 

The last few K's to the meet point were very emotional again... It was tough work climbing the last hill with a massive lump in the throat, tears in the eyes, & sobbing again .... it's probably going to be like this for a while, I guess. 

At the moment I'm STILL only just starting to realise my accomplishment. 

I spent a good hour chatting about the trip with CB. Thanks for the escort back home as well today. It helped me absorb it all. :-)
I'm glad I was able to show you a few more cyclepaths as well. 

Finally making back home is very surreal....
Am I really here ??

I guess so... 

Well, my BFF certainly thinks so ...

I'm here for an overnighter, then the final leg tomorrow.....

THAT will be...........

Friday, 23 May 2014

Day 46. Goulburn to GMK Logistics

Today starts the wind down of the journey.... It's hard for me to recognise just exactly what I'm about to complete...I've pretty much ridden my Rotovelo completely across Australia. 

I've had so many experiences, days of elation , & the odd day of despair, it's been the most awesome thing I've ever attempted. 

I have to commend my hosts from last night. Thanks I & C... and the kids for a great feed & that "magic water that makes  you feel good at the end of a days ride."

Today began with a cool & clear morning.. a few bracing hills to get the "engine" working correctly ...

off I go.... 

the morning's run through the countryside is as spectacular as every day before.... Changing, but unique....

50k's in the legs heralded morning tea at Marulan...  calorie time! 

The K's ticked on throughout the day, uphill, crosswinds, traffic... Yeh, there was traffic ... just to prove I was getting closer to Sydney....The traffic, was just ....yeh ..... typical arrogant clowns....

Finally after 155km, was the "Welcome to Sydney" sign... the moment I first saw the sign in the distance, 4485km from Fremantle, I have to say, I was extremely emotional ... It suddenly dawned on me just what I was about to accomplish. 

I shed quite a few tears, for a good 15 minutes. It was tears of accomplishment. 3 years of planning, 46 days travelling & nearly 4500 km. 

I called into GMK Logistics to let them know of my arrival. Everyone there was impressed with my effort & I feel very humbled with their praise. 

Without your help GMK, this entire project would not have been possible. I can't thank you ALL enough for your support. 

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Day 45. Canberra to Goulburn.

Hmmm a foggy start, n 4degrees. FRESH ...not for long. I'm cozy & warm within the first couple of k's... a slight rise in the road has the lungs & legs warm pretty quickly. 

Thanks JR for the hospitality. It was great to finally catch up after "30 years!!!"

Your phone call the other day was just the ticket. I was contemplating by-passing the ACT, as I was feeling very tired & lethargic. 
It was so good to talk to you, that it re-energised me... I knew I'd regret by-passing you. 

The ride out of the ACT was shrouded in fog, which finally began to clear as I crossed the State Border back into NSW. 

The day became perfect. Clear skies, a light breeze, & the legs were good after their rest. 

A short stop at Lake George to admire the view...

I arrived at Collector just as the Bushranger Hotel opened. Not for a beer but a coffee. ;-)

Refuelled on caffeine, the ride on to Goulburn was uneventful. Nice undulations, good road condition, a crosswind popped up for a few k's... All good. :-)

Crossing the Great Dividing Range...

(Guess it's all downhill to Bondi Beach)

Unbeknown to me FP, a family member, had been following my updates & happened to be working locally, managed to track me down for a roadside stop & chat. I was TOTALLY SURPRISED!! :-O

He spotted the Jellybean...

The last 10k to Goulburn flew by. 
Another coffee n cake at the Big Merino, a well known Goulburn land mark ...

Feeling pretty chuffed.... just over 100miles to go....

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Day 44. Rest day Canberra.

Not a great deal to report today. It's the last rest day of the Journey, & it's hard to believe it's almost over ...

A very relaxing day overall, with the only exertion being to throw the RV on its side for its regular "under belly" checkup. 
Check all fasteners, give the drivetrain a bit of a wipe down & relube, wheel spokes are all good, tyre pressures feel ok  

Gear is all fresh & laundered again as well. 

"Norseman" supervised it all....

I'm surprised that I have found more storage space in the RV ... 
Is it something to do with getting close to home... or more "free bed 'n board" for the last few nights.... 

Or has Norseman finally given me the right ideas on how to pack ????
LOL :-) :-) 

Tomorrow brings a new day. 

I feel well rested ... there's some decent hills in the morning  .....

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Day 43. Yass to the ACT.

Today's effort is just a small ride of 60 odd k's through to the ACT, to catch up with a long lost friend from 30 yrs ago !!
There'll be plenty of yarns to catch up on! :-)

The ride began in cool overcast weather, which didn't look all that threatening....& indeed was just a cloudy day. 

My mate PH rode out from the ACT to meet me on the highway. A fellow 'bent rider & someone who has also Crossed the Continent ... also on a recumbent, but has done it MUCH faster than my current effort .. :-)

The only disruption to the ride was a section of roadworks, where the "breakdown lane" was closed & we had to scamper up a fairly short but steep rise & not cause too many dramas for the following traffic. 

As always, a "selfie" as I cross into yet another State or Territory... So far, W.A., S.A., Victoria, into NSW, now the ACT, them back to NSW in a couple of days. 

I get around !  ;-). LOL 

Thanks for the pics PH. :-)

Always happy riding the RV... 'n also when Calorie Loading too ....

That's one serious chunk of cake!!

Hmmm it sure put lead in the legs took a few K's to get the legs back in motion ;-)

Off to lunch with JR, 'n then I reckon a big night of chat & reminiscing. 

Followed by a Rest Day! 



Monday, 19 May 2014

Day 42. Bush camp 20k N Tarcutta to Yass

Had a good 'n comfortable nights sleep. Amazing what ear plugs do to traffic noise lol. 
I've beaten the magpies out of bed this morning lol. Plenty of time for breakfast n packing, then out. & mobile just after 7am. 

Guess what!  I'm still in the Riverina, & there's a hell of a lot more hills between here and Yass today. 

I made it to Gundagai by 9am. Cool. Could be a good day. 

The hills, although pretty steep in places are manageable. 
Climbing in the RV, is slow n sleady. No need to go. 'gang-busters'. I've still got the best part of a weeks ride left. 

I had to stop at the iconic Dog On The Tuckerbox. 

After Gundagai, the hills get long 'n serious around Jugiong. The highway climbs & descends over several "large 'n long" hills. :-/ 
All in a days ride. 
At the top of one I decided to rest up, reload the calories, 'n enjoy the view. 

Just one of the many climbs (Conroys Gap) still 20km out from Yass. There was at least another 8 or 9 more like it in that last 20km. 
Climb slowly....quick descents .... Yadda Yadda  :- D 

At last, after another 140km in the saddle, & giving the legs a great days workout, destination Yass!

I reckon after 4489km, I might treat myself to a motel tonight.... ;-)

If the Minister of Finance allows, that is....

Day 41. Albury to bush camp 20k N of Tarcutta.

Today being Sunday, I reckon an early star would be good. I've had a comfortable night at the YHA. A decent meal & my gear laundered. 
I'm packed & on the road at 7. Just before sunrise. The streets in town are empty & so is the highway. 
It's not long before I hit the hills. 

Slowly climb, quick descent... Slowly climb, quick descent.... 
There's some sort of pattern here ;-) lol
After all it is the Riverina area of NSW. 

I made it into Holbrook. The Submarine town...

The RV tells me that when it grows up, it wants to be a Submarine too ...
But, it has hasn't realised it had foot-holes LOL & an unsealed conning tower ! 

The Submarine Cafe next door was convenient for a calorie top up... 

Before hitting the hills again...

Slowly climb, quick descent... Slowly.....
Yep ... More of the same....

At the top of Kyeamba Gap, a good 20min climb @ 6km/h...LUNCH CALL
A nice little rest area, & lunch with a local. 

Before yet another flying descent... 75km/h & rolling out after 5km... Now THAT was fun!!!

By 3pm (& 130km) I had made it to Tarcutta. The town at the half-way point between Sydney & Melbourne. 

436km to Melbourne. 
428km to Sydney. 

A tip from the Grey Nomads... there's free hot showers at the Truck Change-over Terminal....SCORE!!
Just what I need after slogging up the hills ;-). 

A gentle cruise up a couple more climbs after a shower when I spotted a nice secluded campsite on the side of the Highway. Below a stand of pine trees... made for a nice soft underlay for bed tonight. :-)

Darkness & dinner....