Monday, 19 May 2014

Day 42. Bush camp 20k N Tarcutta to Yass

Had a good 'n comfortable nights sleep. Amazing what ear plugs do to traffic noise lol. 
I've beaten the magpies out of bed this morning lol. Plenty of time for breakfast n packing, then out. & mobile just after 7am. 

Guess what!  I'm still in the Riverina, & there's a hell of a lot more hills between here and Yass today. 

I made it to Gundagai by 9am. Cool. Could be a good day. 

The hills, although pretty steep in places are manageable. 
Climbing in the RV, is slow n sleady. No need to go. 'gang-busters'. I've still got the best part of a weeks ride left. 

I had to stop at the iconic Dog On The Tuckerbox. 

After Gundagai, the hills get long 'n serious around Jugiong. The highway climbs & descends over several "large 'n long" hills. :-/ 
All in a days ride. 
At the top of one I decided to rest up, reload the calories, 'n enjoy the view. 

Just one of the many climbs (Conroys Gap) still 20km out from Yass. There was at least another 8 or 9 more like it in that last 20km. 
Climb slowly....quick descents .... Yadda Yadda  :- D 

At last, after another 140km in the saddle, & giving the legs a great days workout, destination Yass!

I reckon after 4489km, I might treat myself to a motel tonight.... ;-)

If the Minister of Finance allows, that is....