Saturday, 10 May 2014

Rest day 1 at Geelong.

So today started off soggy, there'd been quite a bit of rain overnight, and it was still making it's presence felt through breakfast....bacon, eggs, toast, coffee...Yummo!!

I avoided the thought that I would be out on the road again soon with cold porridge for breakky ;-) lol.  

A fantastic way to start the day. Thanks M&A. 

Then with a break in the weather I set off to meet a couple of 'bent riders at a local cafe for the usual "coffee, cake 'n a yak" about my journey so far. Thanks guys. I loved meeting you all. :-)

By the time we'd finished, the sun was shining, a gentle breeze, and with an errand to run... for a replacement tent pole ... sourced froma local camping store, exactly what I wanted.  Great !!

The rest of the day was Rotovelo maintenance... Check all fittings, empty the RV, drivetrain maintenance, laundry ... done & dusted...all good. :-)

I've been invited to join a 'bent ride tomorrow morning...  Kewl. :-)