Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 30. Kiata to Stawell.

A little excitement at my little camp last night. About 2am I heard a "thump....thump....thump......then BELT!"
a small wallaby out on its nightly run just barrelled into my tent !! It was probably wondering WTF!!  as was I  LOL
It probably cuts through the same path every night, no hassles, then all of a sudden there's a bloody tent in the way !! 

No harm done to wallaby or self...back to sleep. 

No, it's not a bushfire, it's sunrise!! :-)
Magic!! Freezing cold, but still Magic!!

Out on the road at 8am, rain hatch in place to help with heating again. Toasty warm after a few  K's. 

Made it into Horsham by midday...where I found my 2nd Maccas meal... Only 475+km since the last one in Adelaide. I do t think my waist line will mind. ;-)

Just had to grab this pic of Mount Zero, about 20km east of Horsham....
& put the RV in it too...

I saw a sign for icecreams, and found the Giant Koala at Dadswells Bridge Vic. 

Don't know what he thought of the RV, but I enjoyed an icecream break.  :-)

Further on, about 10km W of Stawell, I crossed the 37th Parallel...
I'm now at latitude 37deg South!! Maybe that's why it only got to 13deg C. today  :-/ LOL

Those last 10k to Stawell were a bit of an effort. A few longish climbs, with they're accompanying downhills...each climb seeming longer than the one before. 
I was glad to finally make it into town. 

and to find a spare bit of ground in Stawell's Grampians Gate Caravan Park ... an excellent place to end the day.