Saturday, 10 May 2014

Day 32. Mount Helen to Geelong.

Note to self...
When looking for a bush camp, don't leave it 'til sunset....the place I picked to assemble & place the tent last night seemed to appear to be reasonably flat, until after I'd set up, had dinner, & decided to sleep ... WRONG!!

The ground had a decidedly deceptive downhill slope, which had me climbing UP the tent floor all night.  :-/
I'd sleep for an hour or so, only to be woken up feeling cramped, as I'd slid down that slope.....time after time all night. 

On top of that, the wind had become rather strong, when an ominous "CRACK" announced that a segment of the flexible tent pole "met its Waterloo"....Bugger !!

That'll need replacing ASAP!

As a comfortable nights sleep was eluding me, with sliding down & climbing UP the tent floor, & the whole tent flapping loudly in the 5am I'd had enough!

Breakfast in bed again, pack everything back in the RV..& out on the road at 6.30. 

At least sunrise was spectacular!   
Again :-)

The ride into Buninyong was a good downhill coast, (45+ km/h) but the wind was a howling crosswind which would unexpectedly shunt the nose of the RV to the centre of the road. Very unnerving after not much sleep. :-(

Then to REALLY start the day off is the massive climb back out of Buninyong. :-/

"Shut up princess, just'll get there" was the mantra for the next 1/2 hour.  
Finally creating the rise. & a couple more further on, the road & wind aligned!!  :-)

Woohoo, this was more like it!! Wind the RV out in top gear, point the nose down the road and rip along at a nice cadence & cruise at 45-49km/h... My momentum was such, that any climb was quickly negotiated, & without too much "loss of steam", I'd covered a good 60k's very easily. 
The previous night's troubles were forgotten... for a while. 
I was in the "zone" & having great fun!! :-)

A poor quality pic (due to the low dawn light & angle of the sun). These three large fibreglass chickens at the Happy Hens Egg Farm, we're pointing the way on to Geelong. 
They brought a smile to my face.  :-)

The 80k's to Geelong was completed pretty quick. 

........prior to beginning this entire trip, I was contacted by the Sustainability Teacher at East Geelong Primary School, asking, if I was going to pass through Geelong, would I be able to call into the school & do a "show & tell" presentation on my adventure. 

Today I was able to fulfil that request. 

I'd pedalled 3490km to reach them, and spent part of this afternoon answering their "20 questions" or more LOL. 

Thanks Miss D. I enjoyed the visit.  :-)

Here's the link to track my ride. 

Tonight & the weekend will be rest days.
Friends M&A have offered bed. & breakky. 
Thank you very much...

Even more thanks now, as the rain has set in for tonight....a bed, shower & a feed, warm & dry... thanks :-)