Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Day 43. Yass to the ACT.

Today's effort is just a small ride of 60 odd k's through to the ACT, to catch up with a long lost friend from 30 yrs ago !!
There'll be plenty of yarns to catch up on! :-)

The ride began in cool overcast weather, which didn't look all that threatening....& indeed was just a cloudy day. 

My mate PH rode out from the ACT to meet me on the highway. A fellow 'bent rider & someone who has also Crossed the Continent ... also on a recumbent, but has done it MUCH faster than my current effort .. :-)

The only disruption to the ride was a section of roadworks, where the "breakdown lane" was closed & we had to scamper up a fairly short but steep rise & not cause too many dramas for the following traffic. 

As always, a "selfie" as I cross into yet another State or Territory... So far, W.A., S.A., Victoria, into NSW, now the ACT, them back to NSW in a couple of days. 

I get around !  ;-). LOL 

Thanks for the pics PH. :-)

Always happy riding the RV... 'n also when Calorie Loading too ....

That's one serious chunk of cake!!

Hmmm it sure put lead in the legs too...AND...it took a few K's to get the legs back in motion ;-)

Off to lunch with JR, 'n then I reckon a big night of chat & reminiscing. 

Followed by a Rest Day!