Friday, 9 May 2014

Day 31. Stawell to Mount Helen.

Brrr.  It's a bit frosty this morning ... 2.3degC actually. 

Breakky in bed...cold porridge, well, it's warmer when you eat inside the tent LOL 

Packing up this morning is a bit hard on the fingers...they're cold...almost painfully cold, but not quite...I can still move them...sort of. 

8am I'm ready for the road, with the rain hatch for central heating & the rain jacket on...for a few more degrees of warmth. 
After 6km it's warm enough to turn off the heater 'n add a bit of aircon. Off with the jacket 'n rain hatch... It's a bit cool. 500 metres pedalling & all is warm again. 

On through to Ararat, nice terrain to ride, pleasant weather, a mild tailwind over the left shoulder ... smiles all round. 

The view of wind turbines out of Beaufort heading to Ballarat. This section of highway is being redeveloped. The road shoulder is a pleasure to ride on. Wide, clean & smooooth ... good for the knees.  

Finally into Ballarat. With a half decent bike lane all the way to the centre of the city .. & good driver behaviour which was noticeable. A quick stop at Visitor Information for a local map, I sought out a bush camp on my way through to the Midland Highway for tomorrow's run to Geelong.