Saturday, 17 May 2014

Day 40. Benalla to Albury.

A cool start this morning. A bit of dew on the tent, nothing to worry about packing away wet gear. 

Set & away at 8.30am. 

A pretty uneventful day in all. Good weather to start, although it did become quite cloudy after 10, the wind has settled right down, just a pleasant breeze in comparison to the other day. :-)

I made a quick stop at Glenrowan for morning tea.  

The town where the bushranger Ned Kelly made his last stand. 

I had a minor computer malfunction about 2k out of the town. Scooting down a long downhill run, it was reading 58 then 27 then 2 then 37 then 64km/h. 
Upon investigation, the magnet mounted on the wheel spoke had drifted out if alignment. 15 seconds later I was back underway. Problem solved. All good for the rest if the ride into Wodonga. 

Finally after 6hrs riding & 110km I crossed the State Border into New South Wales ... My home state, at last. 

A quick stop and chat with the lady at the Toutist Info & off to tonight's camp. Albury YHA. 

Finally get to use my new YHA card for the discount ! 

I've restocked the panty for the next couple of days, & even bought "real food" to cook for tonight's dinner. My body will probably thank me for it. LOL. ;-)