Friday, 16 May 2014

Day 37. Geelong to Melbourne.

An early but pleasant start this morning. 8.30 on the road, & starting with the scenic route along the Geelong foreshore. A very steady & scenic way to get the day underway. 

Taking a few back roads to clear the worst of the morning peak hour traffic saw me clear of Corio & soon barrelling along the M1 to Melbourne. 

A quick stop at Werribee Zoo to look for, & finally find my Mascot. 

Meet "Norseman".. my emu mate. 
He'll keep me safe for the rest of the journey. 

The day progressed well, with my next stop being at GMK Logistics Melbourne Depot. I reported in as "fit 'n well" although I suspect there was some head shaking at my antics in riding the RV ALLLL the way from Perth. 

Thanks again GMK.  :-) :-) :-)

A quick "drop in" to my current employer's Head Office as well, & it was off to find my mate K, and my next "free bed 'n board". 

This was the most challenging part of today's ride. I found myself heading West, into a setting Sun, with heavy "after-school" traffic ...also heading West into a setting sun... AND not being familiar with the cycle paths of Melbourne ... Well, it had its moments.  :-/

I finally arrived at my destination, & soon had the RV tucked away for the night in K's garage. 

I was duly "fed 'n watered" again, showered and cleaned up... I struggled to make 9pm. 

Overall a good days ride. I got to sleep soundly in a real bed again.... 
I'm getting used to this ;-)  lol