Sunday, 11 May 2014

Rest day 2. (sort of) in Geelong.

At yesterday's meet 'n greet with the 'bent riders from Torquay, we organised for a little day ride to Barwon Heads guessed it, coffee 'n cake. LOL

A Roto-Mango Ride 
(My first ride with another Velonaut)

Paul rode his Mango Velomobile across to meet me, then lead me on our day ride. 

After an impromptu chat with a couple of upright riders this morning, who coincidentally had the same start location as us for their day ride, we set off for Barwon Heads. 

I totally enjoyed the quiet back roads, & bypassing the highway traffic. 
It's good to be lead along by someone with local knowledge, on these sorts of rides. :-)

A leisurely ride, followed by leisurely coffee 'n cake. A great way to start a Sunday. Then off on a scenic jaunt to Torquay  & Point Danger... What a view!


An invitation for lunch put a few more K's under my belt. I had now passed 3540km from Fremantle. 

Many thanks to K&P for lunch, and it was good to meet John as well. Thanks K for the warm hospitality, the great meal, desert & coffee. 

A quick look through Paul's stable, he's mastered the Cyclist Rule .... you must have N+1 bikes..
"N" being the number of bikes you need & 
"+1"  being the bike you ride today

You can never have too many bikes. LOL

Roto-Mango ready to roll...

Time to hit the road for the return ride, Paul guided me back to Geelong, again on quiet back roads.. 
So much fun to ride these roads, & viewing the countryside is much more enjoyable. 

Thanks again everyone. 

BTW, I clocked up 90km on today's ride, so it was "sort of" a rest day.  ;-)