Sunday, 25 May 2014

Day 48. Final ride to Bondi.

I start today wondering where the time has gone. It only seems like a few days ago I was standing in Fremantle wondering just what lay ahead, how on earth was I going to be able to ride my Rotovelo across the Australian Continent ... 48 days later, I'm 50km from doing just that ....

The last sunrise of the journey, the road sign pointing to Sydney, my eyes welling with tears... emotions are mixed but very moving. 

Only 10km to go... I've been replaying many of the days in my mind, it's been the greatest adventure of my entire life ...

But my meeting up with "Thel & Lou" at Bondi Pavillion, Bondi Beach, Bondi, NSW is going to be a hard memory to erase.  

48 days


Fremantle W.A to Bondi Beach NSW. 

Norseman. .... We made it, Buddy!!!