Sunday, 17 August 2014

Norseman wants a ride

I've been back home for almost 3 months!! I still find it hard to believe my accomplishment.  
I've recently been through all the trip photos, & this seems to help it "sink in". 

Today I'd organised a catch up with Thel & Lou. I hadn't seen them since Bondi. 
My time flies when you're back to reality. 
Back to the salt mines & "life" again. I've lost 2 months of the year!

Did I ride that far??

So this morning I saddled up with Norseman, & we headed out for brunch. 

Following the Cook's River Cycle Path, we meet the usual "cyclepath FAILS!!"

Bollards too close together ....

gaps bearly wide enough to walk through...let alone get a DF bike through. No chance in hell of getting a trike or Velomobile through.... & this is a major cycle/share path!!

This old bridge involves a 15point turn to navigate the 180deg turn !!!  
It's easier to get out 'n push... faster too!!

Norseman spotted a British Airways jet 'n had the thought... Fly to London & ride back to Sydney??


That'll cost a packet LOL

Had a great brunch n chat with Thel & Lou. 

A dry ride with threatening rain. Cool! :-)

102km round trip.