Wednesday, 29 January 2014

New toys....Go Pro, Spot Connect, Strava,...

Shopping for a few "necessary items" for the Ride is well underway.


                         My campaign is now CLOSED>  Many thanks to all who have contributed...

Items I'm currently endeavouring to purchase include
                                                                                     Go Pro Hero 3 action cam

I'm after a decent action cam that can be easily attached to the RV, is weather proof, that can take decent video and doesn't suffer too much from road vibrations.  This should be a good choice.

                                                                                    Spot Connect Satellite Communicator.

Along with the relevant iPhone App, this will allow me to communicate with the outside world with SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter.
It allows "real time" tracking for those following me online.
It also has an SOS function, should the worst happen. Search and Rescue is only a button press away..... a good investment..Just in Case.

And then there's this App called Strava.... I've heard and read the blurb,so thought I'd give it a go........maybe it will help with my training.
It's only a matter of getting "miles in the legs" anyway, I'm not out to break any records, or rack up PB's, but it'll give me a record of my rides.

Sunday, 19 January 2014


Terrific weather today, so decided another training ride was the order of the day.

Paid a visit to the Rubber Duck event (part of the Sydney Festival 2014)  in Parramatta Park.

Looks like the duck may have laid an egg?

Overall 120km put into the legs....

Where's the nose bag?

Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Countdown Begins........

Ooooooo!! its the start of 2014 and things are getting scary....

Only a few months more to actually get things properly organised! Time waits for no Velonaut!!

I've still got to track down a decent action camera.(Currently researching the GoPro Range) This will be a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity, and I want to record it in as many ways as least on video!  as well as this 'blog.

I'm going to need a durable water carrier with a large capacity... It'll take me a couple of days cycling to get between the roadhouses on the Nullabor plain and its going to be thirsty work.(Thinking of the MSR Dromadery 10Litre Water Carrier.... maybe I'll need two, 20L capacity) Better to have too much water, than expire and become road kill for the Wedgetails.

Another line of thought is whether to carry some sort of GPS tracker / EPIRB....
GPS tracker so friends and family (and all my avid followers) can see just where I might expire  LOL
and the EPIRB for rescue if required!

Then there's working out tucker for the 1200km from Norseman to Ceduna ( towns with Supermarkets)... 50 packets of two minute noodles anyone!!   LOL

I'd better get cracking..................