Monday, 5 May 2014

Day 28. Tailem Bend to Keith.

Packing up a dry camp this morning was a pretty good feeling despite it being 9deg C. The overnight cloud cover had held on to its moisture (no rain), but in about 1&1/2 hours they couldn't hold on to that moisture any longer .....

And so it began to rain....
& rain.....
& rain. 

For the next 5hrs, it continued, whilst I just kept the pedals turning. 

A took a reprieve from the wet at Coonalpyn for morning tea. It didn't look like anything was going to improve, so I just went back out & continued on. 

I had a small break in the weather, of about 45mins, at Tintinara to enjoy some "dry" riding. 

Then it was on again, wet n windy, a SE breeze was driving the rain in under the Flevobike roof, but the rain hatch kept most of it off my body. But with the perspiration of my effort inside the RV, at least u was warm n wet. :-)

As an aside, I had my handheld CB on, & the drivel from the passing truck drivers with comments of "death wish", "too small", "no flag", "can't see it" etc., started to tick me off! Not to mention the antics of the "Cowboys" who get their jollies being twats on the road !!! 
Obviously they ALL saw me, they're just too daft to realise that "today there may be something different on the road" 
So much for being "Professional Drivers???"

It was less stressful to turn the CB off & just ride. :-)

I was passed by the Highway Patrol twice with no problems, as well as a couple of Motorbike Police with no dramas :-) 
.... most truckies were ok, but like usual, the twats make a name for them all. :-(

5km short of Keith, I was finally pulled over by the Law....apparently curiosity had got too much to bear, so he came out for a look. :-)
All was good, with the usual offer of safety advice... No probs....carry safe. :-)

After a day of crap weather n crappy truck drivers, a bed 'n hot shower sounded good. 

And an "ensuite" too.