Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Day 36. Return to Geelong

This morning I'm at the Trisled Factory to give the RV it's weekly service, with a careful look over from the "chief", all is on order & we're good to go. 

The ride back to the Ferry was magic!
A beautiful morning, warm sunshine, no wind ... & definitely NO fog. :-) 

I managed to cover the 30 odd km's back to the ferry in under 40mins. 

Safely stowed below decks...upstairs is where the food is!! :-D

Yep, the view IS better today.  

Nice 'n clear. 

Back into Geelong. 

And with an uneventful ride back to the city, afternoon tea was in order at The Beach House, Geelong. 

Again today, special thanks to M&A for their kind hospitality.  :-)