Monday, 12 May 2014

Day 35. Geelong to Dromana.

Not long after I arrived in Geelong, I received an invitation, asking if I'd be interested in doing an interview about my travels, for the local radio station's Bicycle Show program on 94.7 Pulse. 
I was happy to do so & a time was organised for this morning. 

I spent a pleasant morning at the radio station, doing the interview & talking about my journey & the RV with the station staff. 
Thanks for the opportunity all.  :-)

Today's travel plan, after the radio interview, is to head over to the Trisled factory for a social visit. 

I've had a very nice ride from Geelong to Queenscliff, a brilliant sunny day until the last few km into Queenscliff where a noticeable thick fog had obviously rolled in off the sea. 

On boarding the Ferry for Sorento, & heading out across Port Phillip Bay, there wasn't much of a view...just fog to the horizon. 

Just a quick glimpse of the port as we left, but nothing for the rest of the voyage. 

The view didn't improve much on the Sorento side either... I can hear the small waves rolling in on the beach, somewhere in the fog...

The ride up to Dromana was terrific, a dedicatied bike lane, reasonably flat, & very easy to cruise along at 30+ km/h the entire way.... although through fog for most of it. 

Arriving at Trisled was a highlight of the entire trip. I've been trying to drop in here for the entire 14 years I've been riding their trikes. Woohoo!!  :-) :-)

It was great to finally meet the crew & give a glowing report on how good the RV has been during my journey so far. I think they are suitably impressed too. 

A special thanks to Ben, who showed me the sights...

...& made sure I was well fed & watered. 

Thanks Mate !!  :-) :-) :-)