Thursday, 22 May 2014

Day 45. Canberra to Goulburn.

Hmmm a foggy start, n 4degrees. FRESH ...not for long. I'm cozy & warm within the first couple of k's... a slight rise in the road has the lungs & legs warm pretty quickly. 

Thanks JR for the hospitality. It was great to finally catch up after "30 years!!!"

Your phone call the other day was just the ticket. I was contemplating by-passing the ACT, as I was feeling very tired & lethargic. 
It was so good to talk to you, that it re-energised me... I knew I'd regret by-passing you. 

The ride out of the ACT was shrouded in fog, which finally began to clear as I crossed the State Border back into NSW. 

The day became perfect. Clear skies, a light breeze, & the legs were good after their rest. 

A short stop at Lake George to admire the view...

I arrived at Collector just as the Bushranger Hotel opened. Not for a beer but a coffee. ;-)

Refuelled on caffeine, the ride on to Goulburn was uneventful. Nice undulations, good road condition, a crosswind popped up for a few k's... All good. :-)

Crossing the Great Dividing Range...

(Guess it's all downhill to Bondi Beach)

Unbeknown to me FP, a family member, had been following my updates & happened to be working locally, managed to track me down for a roadside stop & chat. I was TOTALLY SURPRISED!! :-O

He spotted the Jellybean...

The last 10k to Goulburn flew by. 
Another coffee n cake at the Big Merino, a well known Goulburn land mark ...

Feeling pretty chuffed.... just over 100miles to go....