Friday, 2 May 2014

Day 25. Kadina to Virginia.

I've had a good nights sleep, for the little effort I put in yesterday. Hardest work for the day was setting up camp. :-)

The weather has incredible timing, the only precipitation occurred whilst packing up ... I hate packing in the rain.  Oh well. 
On the road at 8am. 

A bit of hill climb practice to get to Kulpara, with some terrific undulations out of Paskerville. Woohoo!

Dropped down the escarpment to Pt Wakefield at break neck speed! 
I stopped in to a rest area at the head of the Yorke Peninsular for a breather 'n a pic of my "emu mate"

"What's that Skip, don't trust the bloody emu!"

Got ya! Ya mongrel!!

Whilst "throttling" my mate. P&A rolled in with their Van, on their way through to the Peninsula & promptly offered morning tea. 
We had a great chat over coffee 'n timtams.. Thanks guys !! :-)
Safe travels. 

The run down Pt Wakefield rd to my bed for the night with A&J was splendid. Cruising at 38-45km/h absolutely effortless with both favourable wind and terrain. 
Although it did involve a pull-over by the local constabulary  ... again. 
The officer was told to look for "the invisible bike thingy".  
I was found easily enough, a quick chat, 'n I was on my way. 
I asked that they might like to get the word out in Adelaide that I was coming save me being stopped again and again lol. ;-)

All good. I arrived at A&J's to a roast dinner & a dry bed. 
Especially as the rain & wind was pretty wild through the night. 

Many thanks again to all that made today enjoyable. Even the Law was on my side today. Noice!!  :-)