Monday, 5 May 2014

Day 27.. Adelaide to Tailem Bend

A surprise had been organised for me today. S&A were part of the support crew for the "Tour de Legacy". A fund raising ride for Legacy, from Melbourne to Adelaide via The Great Ocean Road. 
They had asked the Legacy Riders if they would be interested in sending me off, out if Adelaide. 

They did MORE than that, they provided excellent morale, & physical support, up the HUGE climb of the notorious Adelaide Hills!

Harpo, S&A's cat making sure all is good. :-)

All set, GO !!

The Legacy Riders giving me a hand to climb out of Adelaide. I can't thank them enough. It's a mongrel of a climb, 'n would've been very, very long & slow on my own. 
They even presented me with a Legacy Jersey, it WILL become one of my most prized possessions!. Thanks heaps guys, I'll treasure it !  :-) 

At the top if the climb a last look over Adelaide. 

Then we're off to Tailem Bend. 

With a morning tea stop in Stirling, and then 2 of the guys escorting me all to Echunga. 

Again thank you to both S&A and the Legacy Riders for a fantastic start to my day. 
Ride safe my friends. :-)

I continued on, following their directions to Strathalbyn, Wellington, Tailem Bend. 

Wellington provided for afternoon tea at the cafe near the ferry. 

(a special pic for "Thel" from my Nullabor support team) gotta have that arvo coke ;-)

After a great but tough start to the day, 125km was made by the legs. Time to rest. Happycamper. :-)