Friday, 16 May 2014

Day 39. Wallan to Benalla.

What's that!!! No wind!! 
I packed up ASAP & was out and on my way by 7.15am. 
After yesterday, even though I was riding up some long steep climbs, the lack of wind was magic. :-)

I stopped at the 1st roadhouse just before Seymour, but seeing this sign, the first I had come across, with "Sydney" showing had me burst into tears.... I suddenly realised that I've almost cycled across the country!!

It may still be the best part of 800 km to go, but for a few minutes, my emotions were pretty raw.... 

After a refuel of roadhouse calories, my plan was to end up in Benalla today. 

Just before stopping at Euroa for lunch, my mate "Norseman" pointed out I'd completed 4000km!! 

I took it steady for the last few k's & duly found a Bakery as a lunch stop. 

 This could well be the healthiest meal if the day. ;-) LOL

The afternoon progressed well, cycling today was very enjoyable, with rolling undulations & being able to cruise along at anywhere from 25-50km/h. 
Truly delightful after yesterday. 

I arrived in Benalla a happy cyclist & camper. :-)

Dinner of the touring cyclist...a grease 'n oil change. ;-)