Friday, 23 May 2014

Day 46. Goulburn to GMK Logistics

Today starts the wind down of the journey.... It's hard for me to recognise just exactly what I'm about to complete...I've pretty much ridden my Rotovelo completely across Australia. 

I've had so many experiences, days of elation , & the odd day of despair, it's been the most awesome thing I've ever attempted. 

I have to commend my hosts from last night. Thanks I & C... and the kids for a great feed & that "magic water that makes  you feel good at the end of a days ride."

Today began with a cool & clear morning.. a few bracing hills to get the "engine" working correctly ...

off I go.... 

the morning's run through the countryside is as spectacular as every day before.... Changing, but unique....

50k's in the legs heralded morning tea at Marulan...  calorie time! 

The K's ticked on throughout the day, uphill, crosswinds, traffic... Yeh, there was traffic ... just to prove I was getting closer to Sydney....The traffic, was just ....yeh ..... typical arrogant clowns....

Finally after 155km, was the "Welcome to Sydney" sign... the moment I first saw the sign in the distance, 4485km from Fremantle, I have to say, I was extremely emotional ... It suddenly dawned on me just what I was about to accomplish. 

I shed quite a few tears, for a good 15 minutes. It was tears of accomplishment. 3 years of planning, 46 days travelling & nearly 4500 km. 

I called into GMK Logistics to let them know of my arrival. Everyone there was impressed with my effort & I feel very humbled with their praise. 

Without your help GMK, this entire project would not have been possible. I can't thank you ALL enough for your support.