Friday, 16 May 2014

Day 38. Melbourne to Wallan ....just

WTF am I doing.....

That probably sums up the whole day  :-/

The evenings weather forecast from last night was for a windy day. Ok, I can live with that.  Forecast winds from the North, gusting to 25-30km/h....well, it's gonna be windy I thought. 

Going by yesterday's effort, of travelling late afternoon & sunset, & today heading East, via unsure cycle paths, across to the M31 Hume Highway, plus knowing how the RV reacts to sudden wind gusts..... I thought it might be prudent to try and avoid the peak hour rush across to the M31. 

Awoken by the gusting wind at 6am, & rechecking the forecast ... aids gusting up to 40km/h...yep, I was gonna try & avoid the traffic & travel the back roads out of Melbourne then cut around back to the Highway. 

Oh, the plans of mice & men!!!  :-/

All went well for the first 5km, then I had to turn, & head North. Right into the jaws of the stiffest headwind since leaving Perth!! No joke! I was flat out trying to achieve 10-15km/h!!
I preserved for the next 20+ km, slugging it out with the wind.... just as well the climbs were small I thought.... 
I stopped in Sunbury for morning tea ... the wind died down a bit ... it was teasing me ... no sooner than I was out on open roads again it got cranky with me.... & SO DID I !!  Grrrrrrrr!!  :-(

I checked the forecast and saw this...

Constant wind at 46km, gusting to 56 km. WTF !!!!

My plan ... how the hell do I get across to the highway ASAP ??? 

A check of the map, & decision made.. I was gonna head across country JUST to try and use a bit if this WIND!!!!

... hmmm No Deal... it wasn't gonna happen.  :-(

If it wasn't blowing a gale, the roads I decided to use were either seldom used gravel roads....or sealed roads that climbed at 30+% slope.  These damned hills were so steep I could hardly keep the pedals turning .... my cadence was shot... and speed on most climbs at 2-3 km/h... AARRGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get me outta here !!!!!  :-(

I QUIT !! 
Get a bloody truck for this bloody RV !! :-(. 
I've had enough if this crap !!!

I wanna go HOME !!! :-(   FFS!!!!!

there was nothing for it but to shut up, persevere, n keep trying to turn the pedals. ..... 

Am I ever gonna see the Highway today??

Finally after 7hrs, & barely covering 60km, I made it into Wallan. Boy, was I glad to be here. ..... I need coffee'n cake pronto !!!

Maybe I can get a cheap motel, cabin to rest up in tonight... NOPE.  :-/

Hmmmmmmm nothing for it but to get out on the highway n look for a bush camp. 

I need a feed, 'n the 1st roadhouse, fortunately was only a few more K's along. After a Pig Out on junk food, getting a chocky milk for breakky tomorrow, I set off to find a campsite. 

Finally a bit of good news for today. I found a well sheltered & hidden spot just a couple of K's up the highway. 

Tent up, RV hidden,.... BED!!

Fingers crossed this wind buggers off !