Thursday, 26 November 2015

Good news.....and's been about a month now and there's finally a bit of good news......(& some not so good news)

Good News...
The Rotovelo has been repaired, and is due for re-delivery to its rightful place in Sydney LOL.....

Thanks again GMK LOGISTICS 8) 

CAN"T WAIT!!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen: 

(& I hope Trisled won't mind me paying off the repair bill) :oops: 

Not so good news....
..... the saga in Civil Court of trying to claim compensation from the drunk driver is F$%^Kin Pi55ing me OFF!!.... :evil: 

I had the Court registry serve my claim on him, giving him 28 days notice to is day 28 & yesterday received notice back from the Court that they were unable to Serve my Claim, as there was "no letterbox" at the address I gave them for the driver Say What??.... So now it's going to cost me more $$ to have it Served a Sherrif's Officer this time.... I thought that is what I paid for but apparently it was just posted by the Court....... I could've done that......& a whole lot cheaper too.... FFS :|

None of this civil court crap would be happening if the Prosecutor had mentioned it to the Magistrate at sentencing!!....he had all the info.
How do I sue the Prosecutor for PROFESSIONAL NEGLIGENCE??