Saturday, 15 August 2015's enough to make a saint swear. ..

....the driver has had his day in court & been sentenced...

He's been fined for:-

*High range Drink Driving
*Negligent Driving
*Leave scene of accident
*Not exchange details after accident

Total of $4500.00

& with previous convictions for high range drink driving gets a 3 year licence disqualification....

** & 12 months in "the cooler"

He's a slow learner!!


the Prosecutor on the day, for some "inexplicable reason" didn't mention to the Magistrate, my claim for compensation for my Rotovelo which was in the court papers!!!  So I've missed out!!

WTF!!  I'm the innocent victim here!!

The whole reason of getting my claim in at the time of this guy's sentencing, was to get it sorted ASAP..... now I've got to head for the Civil Court & try my luck thing to my advantage hopefully is that this guy has been convicted & sentenced, so proof of guilt for the crash should be sorted....maybe. ... be continued