Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Pre GVBR ride..

The other weekend I decided to go out & at least try & see if I am still capable of putting 100km in the legs...& not pass out in the attempt.🚀

After all, 100km in a 33kg Rotovelo is probably equivalent to 400km on an 8kg road bike....

I make it that...4 times the weight means 4 times the effort required to cover the same distance. 😎

Judging by the Strava record of the ride...yep!  I can still manage a metric Century. 

100+ km travelled  &  over 1km climbing...
I'm ready for the GVBR..

So to all the roadies out there... "av a go!"
Don't complain.  🚲🚲

Get an RV & hop in "the hurt box"