Thursday, 17 October 2013

a return to cycling...................maybe?

...... a change of employment, and a shorter commute on a motorcycle was not doing any favours for my bike or my waistline. The bike was hardly warming up on the short ride to work, and the waistline...."no comment".

Time for a re-think on commuter transport, maybe the bicycle "thing"?

Could I ride a bicycle the short distance to work?
Will I die trying?
Where do a get a half decent bike to lug myself around on?
Am I going to stick it out?
Hmm, decisions, decisions....

Well, at the very least, I might get to work a bit quicker actually, the traffic on my commute was pretty Bleh! ... and I'll save a few pennies in fuel costs.... maybe its worth a try.

Decision made... Give it a go!

For a modest outlay I purchased a new 10speed racing bike from the Local Bicycle Shop.
Some bicycle kit, gloves, helmet, bidon, saddlebags etc ....  (I hadn't given nicks or jersey a thought) I was set to hit the road.  

                                                                                    ( resto day)

Just to be sure I could survive my first attempt at bike commuting, I did a reconnaissance ride over the weekend. I found the quiet roads, and actually survived that experience.

Bike commuting was ok. I didn't die. I will admit that the first few weeks were a major challenge. I hadn't ridden in years, I thought I was totally out of my depth, and not in any sort of fit condition, but with perseverance and sheer determination I began to increase my fitness, and actually enjoy cycling again. It lasted six months.

Unfortunately yet another change of employment meant the bicycle was relegated to the shed and the motorcycle re-instated.