Saturday, 5 October 2013

The middle years

Growing up on 5 acres, as part of a much larger working dairy farm, there was plenty of scope for a young fellow to get to know the bush on a bicycle.
Most, actually ALL of my early cycling was through the Australian bush. (I was never allowed to experience tarmac riding)
Following cattle paths through the scrub, around dams, chasing livestock,  often with my faithful old labrador running alongside on my adventures.

      (it's still in the shed....awaiting restoration----one day)

By my early teens, I was over it... I'd explored and ridden the bush to the point of exasperation, bike riding had become boring. I had lost all interest in it.

It was a "kids" thing to do.

Life moved on..... 
High School,
Job hunting,
and some semblance of a career

by my late teens, I had discovered Motorcycles, and they ruled for the best part of my 20's and 30's