Sunday, 20 October 2013

Today. I digress.....

Today was the annual Sydney Spring Cycle. A community ride that is so popular, the entries have to be limited to a maximum of 10,000 riders.
There are a few distance options available to attempt, I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest, of a person that had won an entry, for the 50km Classic Ride....many thanks Chain Reaction Cycles. 

The day started out with an early morning (4.30)  train ride to the start at North Sydney. Manoeuvring the Rotovelo was pretty easy, not having any crowds to deal with.

A bit if a climb to ride from the rail station to the actual start line. Nothing major, but enough to wake the legs an lungs. 

Some coffe and cake at the start, a typical cyclist's breakfast... then off to join the crew and enjoy a nice days ride. 

The ride progressed over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, a scenic blast to Mrs Macquarie's Chair and the Art Gallery. 
Back to Observatory Hill, some city streets, the inner west, where there were a few challenging "lung busting hills" where I was passed by many, but got my revenge on the downhills.  (75km/h being top speed for the day)

Continuing west to Olympic Park and the finish line, was pretty much ... getting passed by all on the ups (with many words of encouragement..thanks everyone!!)... and tearing past everyone on the downs (to cheers and groans... Oops sorry!  ;-)  lol)

Nearing the end it became more prudent to stay calm, and cruise with the crowd. 

A ride time of 2.5hrs. I was happy with that.  

A very nice lunch and a refreshing coffee, then a wander through the Bike and Lifestyle Show.  

Finished the day with a 20km ride back home. 

All in all.... time for a rest me thinks .....