Sunday, 30 March 2014

Gear out.

Bits and bobs laid out and strategically grouped... only food to be added.

2-man tent and accessories.
Sleeping bag (feather down -5 deg. rating)
Thermarest (full length)
2x 6 Litre MSR Dromedary water bags / drinking tube
2 standard bidons
1.25L bottle & cage
Trangia stove and cook gear.
USB folding Solar Panel
GoPro & mini tripod
iPod / iPhone
Spot Connect
mini AM radio
Lezyne strobe lights (front-rear)
spare Schwalbe Marathon tyre
6 spare tubes
2 puncture repair kits
mini floor pump
chain whip / chain breaker / 2 master links
cassette tool
spare brake & gear cables /spokes / brake pads
screwdrivers / spanners / pliers
3 Jerseys / nicks
Cable lock
Toiletries / personal gear
Sleeveless sweater / arm - leg warmers / Buff head wear / cycling cap
fly net / spare T-shirt / shorts
cycling rain jacket for wet camping

Pillow & camp stool are the only luxuries.

If I don't get a good nights sleep every night, there aint gonna be too much good cycling!