Sunday, 23 March 2014

Nullabor support crew.

My big sister, a world traveller, was looking for a different holiday experience, and who has a friend that, although also well travelled, hadn't seen the Outback of Australia..... Big Sis was worried about her "nutty" brother attempting to cycle through the wilds of the country, and asked her friend (who also has a keen interest in photography) what she thought about a Nullabor Holiday...... thus, a plan began to form........

The end result being, that I will have a support crew checking up on my welfare between Norseman and Ceduna, covering the Nullabor Plain and surrounds.

Their plan is to meet up with me in Norseman around mid April, checking in on my welfare (i.e., see if I've lost the plot totally... or not),  then they will head out each day in any direction and do their own thing, then meet up with me as I continue East, at the end of the day. We'll either wild camp, or maybe, be civilised at the nearest Roadhouse depending on each days ride.

Big Sis's plan is... to carry a few extra litres of Life's Nectar (water) and tucker, should I require it.

This is my greatest concern... rationing out the 15 Litres of water I'll be carrying with me.
I'd have to make my water last the 200km, (which is probably a 2 day ride) between Roadhouses. It's thirsty work powering a Velomobile, and I take on water like a steam train at the best of times, I don't want to expire from dehydration.
This has put my mind at ease knowing that I'll have extra water there if I need it.

(Not to mention a break down wagon should things really go wrong)

Thanks 'Ran 'n Nic. (aka..Thelma & Louise)