Friday, 14 March 2014

T minus 3 weeks

Hectic is a good way to describe the last, and next few weeks as I try and REALLY get stuff sorted. There's no time for mucking around, but my day job seems to be getting in the way.... so much to think about, so little time.

I have managed to find some time to put some serious miles into the legs, as just last weekend I completed an Imperial Century, cycling 100 miles (160km) in one day.... and not feeling too bad the day after. A bit of tiredness in the legs but otherwise good.

Should cycling such a distance out on the ride be necessary, I know I have it in me to accomplish it.

This link is to my Spot Connect Page, which will show my training rides.


I've been trying to get the RV transported as cheaply as possible.

The airline I'm flying with had told me the RV could go as checked baggage... after a few days reviewing this, I began to think it sounded a little bit "too good to be true"....So upon further investigation, and plenty of help from said airline, I was advised it would be prudent to send the RV as freight "just to be sure" rather than have the disappointment of a "NO" answer when arriving to check-in.
Now it's gonna cost a bomb to ship!!!  damn  :-(