Sunday, 3 November 2013

Commuting begins again

......Now kitted out in some half-decent cycling gear, I was ready to try bike commuting again.

I attempted my 10km ride to the rail station and return home.... all good, no aches or chafe. Righto!

Not to get ahead of myself, I just kept my cycling to rides close to home for a few days, just to settle the cycling muscles in a bit.  Soon I was ready to get real.

First day of the new commute consisted of a 5km ride to the rail station, then on the train to the station nearest work, then the 3km ride to work..... and in reverse for the return journey. That first afternoon ride back home, especially those 5km uphill were a definite challenge after a days work. I was sore and tired but felt good at what I had accomplished.

This became my routine for the next fortnight. I could feel myself getting fitter..........finally.

Soon I felt like a new challenge, so I attempted to ride to the next rail station on from home, and keep riding those last 3km.
My riding had extended to 8km plus 3km, making 22km per day, but more often I just did those last least for the days I was knackered after work.   Occasionally I'd do a weekend ride of 10-15km.

Eventually I was riding to the third station from home and getting off the train three stops from cycling had got to 30-40km a day.... I was hooked again.

Within six months of beginning my new commuting routine I was comfortably cycling over 80km  every day... rain, hail or shine....and doing another 40 on the weekends, for fun!