Monday, 18 November 2013

What's that funny three wheeler?

1999.....Cycling IS fun... 

Maybe I should try touring by bike.... hmmmm, how do I do that?

Reading through the "Australian Cyclist" magazine, I'd seen an advert and story about the Big Ride. A fully supported ride where your gear is carried in a truck, the campsite is set up daily, hot showers, catering for all meals, entertainment.....all I had to do was ride the distance each day as the Ride moved on from town to town. Seemed easy enough.

Its a 9 day riding holiday, Canowindra to Bega, 700+ kms. Should be an adventure.

So I get to Canowindra, first day is a short 45km ride for the day, easy enough, flattish terrain, no problem. Days 2 and 3 are a bit more challenging, 70-80km with a few hills.... there's a wide variety of riders from all walks of life and a variety of bikes as well. Road bikes, BMX, hybrids, tourers, tandems....eve a triple... Dad and two kids...Cool!!  there's a couple of those 'lie-down' bikes. Recumbents, they're called.... different, but they look comfortable.

Day 6... whilst riding through the day, I caught up with a guy riding one of those recumbent bikes, a three wheel set up, he called it a trike. I'd past him earlier whilst climbing a reasonably step hill, but he passed me on the downhill at a very high speed. I was travelling at about 50km/h, but he pulled away at a much higher speed.....Wow!, I was impressed.

At the very next climb, I passed him again.... on the downhill after, he passed me again.... not fair! I thought.  The lunch stop for the day was a few km up the road.... I wanted to find this guy and check out his trike.
I couldn't find him there, so I continued on with the day's ride.

On to the end of the day's ride, I never saw that trike rider again.  I wandered through the campsite at the end of the day but couldn't locate it, or him either....oh well, "thems the breaks"