Sunday, 24 November 2013

Whats that funny three wheeler...... part 2.

....... I'm in luck, I caught the "phantom trike rider" on one of the following days climbs and made an effort to stick with him. The more k's we did that day, the more comfortable he looked....the more "dishevelled" I did... he told me he didn't have any of the aches I described, no sore bum, no sore neck, no sore arms, back, or wrists.  Hmm, riding a trike sounded like a very good option.

At the end of the days ride, I asked him if I could possibly have a bit of a test-ride. He agreed, and I can recall, that the exact moment my bum hit that trike seat, I was SOLD!.  I had never had such a feeling of comfort on something you had to pedal. I did two laps of the campsite, and immediately made up my mind that I was going to get a trike.

I probably annoyed that guy for the final two days of the ride with my "20-Questions?" at any time I spotted him.
He actually let me have a ride whilst we were out on the road ..... that did it..... I want a trike!!

Armed with all the info he had given me, and with my very limited experience, I was a "man on a mission" for the next couple of months. I researched many different makes.... from all over the world.

I finally set up a plan:

1. It had to be Australian made... I wanted to help the local economy. A local product would be good for aftersales service, parts etc.,
2. I wanted "simple" mechanics.... So when I finally went touring, in the event of a mishap, I could do roadside repairs myself. No internal gears. I had no experience with disc/drum brakes on a bicycle.
3. A reasonable price.

The Answer:-  Trisled