Sunday, 24 November 2013

My new Trike, and years later, its afterlife

Finally after making all the necessary arrangements with Trisled, my trike was delivered.
I was now living in Perth, Western Australia.

                                                                    Trisled Cool Cruza  arrives circa. May, 2000.

The Cool Cruza was a great introduction to the world of Recumbent trikes. I used this a my commuting vehicle for all my time in Perth. Clocking up over 12,000 kms just in one year alone. Yes it is fun to ride!!

After returning to Sydney in 2003, triking was a big part of my recreation, and the occasional commute.
Every weekend involved a trike ride at some stage...just for fun.

The trike is very reliable, and with a bit of regular maintenance, is still going in 2013... although now a bit worse for wear cosmetically and mechanically. I am now wondering if I should do a major rebuild or invest in a new trike?

Whilst doing research into this, I cane across Velomobiles....  they looked interesting. A velomobile is still a recumbent trike but with an aerodynamic shell, hmmm. I wondered what they would be like compared to an "unfaired" trilke. Further research allowed me to find a Trisled Rotovelo that was up for sale, so I contacted the seller and arranged a test ride.

My first impression was that they are FAST, there's a lot to be said for aerodynamics!
The gearing was different in the Rotovelo compared to my Cool Cruza, which I suspect, was half the speed advantage I felt. There's plenty of room inside to carry quite a lot of "stuff" for commuting or touring. It looked like a viable option.

Decisions, decisions.....

The Rotovelo won out!