Thursday, 3 April 2014

Chocks Away Biggles!

Every morning begins the first day of the rest of your life. 

Today began without too much drama. Just a simple task.. Drive to the airport and catch the flight to Perth. 
Sydney peak hour traffic being what it is ... in a word "crap" .. we allowed a good 2.5hrs to cover the 40km. The long suffering, good lady wife, suggested we drive, to avoid the hassle of dragging my gear through rail stations, as well as the Airport. 
We made it in time, with 40mins to spare. Not too bad considering we took the Scenic Route, avoiding the heaviest traffic but still getting plenty if red lights :-)

Departed on time. 

Writing this at 12,000m (40,000ft) altitude, crossing Spencer Gulf, and rounding Port Lincoln, just on 1400km to Perth. I'm wondering how long it's gonna take me to cycle back here, & what will life be like on the road... It's bound to be interesting and I reckon I'll be in a definite routine. 

I'm looking forward to picking up the RV & getting myself sorted. Hopefully this arvo I can get a ride in around the Swan River.  

Lunch being served, I wonder if this will be the best meal of the trip??

Bon Appetite!

Here at last. Using the YHA as home for the next few days. 
No RV ride this arvo, too much of a rush to get to GMK Logistics before they close for the day. There's plenty of time tomorrow. 
Reckon I'll do a bit of "rubber neckin'" instead, & hunt down a decent coffee 'n take life easy. 

Who's reflecting more ?? ;-)

Shiny!! LOL