Sunday, 13 April 2014

April 13, 2014. Day 7. Norseman. Rest day

Today is just a small 30km ride into Norseman.  It's time for a rest day, though I am feeling pretty good. I think that after 800km out of the legs, they're due for a breather. 

Maybe my legs are saying...
We're knackered ! LOL :-)

Railway Motel, Norseman,WA. 
Time for a breather. 
I think there's space for a barfly, ;-)

Grabbed a few items from the local IGA, before being hosed out at 12 midday...(Sunday Quittin' Time) lol

Showered, laundered, and a decent feed at the BP roadhouse... off to the land of zzzzzz by 8pm. 

Someone has to tell these bloody grey nomads that 4.30am might be a good time to start the day .... Do it bloody QUIETLY!!! FFS!! :-/