Tuesday, 8 April 2014

April 8, 2014. Day 2. Bakers Hill to Kellerberrin.

Good start to the day, 5 a.m.. rise & shine... cool, fine & clear, packed and on the road by 6 a.m, so instead of bypassing Northam, I thought I'd go into town for breakfast. Nice idea but it involved me being reported to the Northam Police for "being on the road in a solar powered vehicle" yet another "please explain" to the local constabulary..Solar Powered!!..hmmph. Just the small solar panel on the nose of the RV is to keep the phone,lights,etc., charged.

"Yes officer, it's a bike... pedal powered, no engine, No! I don't need a flag,Yes, I'll be safe", Same old, same old.. Just concerned for my safety .. (I still don't think a flag pole, 1m tall, 5mm in diameter. with a pissy flag of 15sq. cm is gonna save me when a 90 tonne road train "snots me !)

I see what everyone's on about, but if I have no trouble negotiating Sydney's peak traffic as well as the main motorways like the M4. M5, & M2 with traffic passing me at 100km/h, I'm pretty sure I can survive out in the Wilds of WA.

It's all part of the challenge of riding a Velomobile across Australia.

Again, if I was on a "regular" bike, no-one would've even noticed me!!
It's all driver perception.
Maybe they should get out of their sealed, airconditioned  tin cans, slow down a bit, & REALLY take a look at the world around them & see the world as it's meant to be seen.!!! ;-)

Northam, just before my 2nd Police Stop. .....  I need a coffee!!

Back out on the road and the slow climb from Northam out to the main highway....slow and steady. The legs feel good. There's no rush. I've got two months to get to Sydney.....  Day 2 is not the time to start doubting my capability to complete the ride.

Meckering.... & I didn't feel the earth shake today. no earthquake. Unlike in 1968

The Big Camera, tourist attraction.....closed for renovation.....Smile Anyway!

Thanks to Clair at HTC Agencies & General Store for her kind donation of fresh fruit...just what the nutritionist ordered.

More miles, headwind from the right, cool breeze and aerodynamics ... great combination.


    Ettamogah Pub, Cunderdin.....Lunch, 'n maybe an ale to wash the dust down?

Gentle riding for the afternoon, mild undulations,

That'll do for today !