Thursday, 10 April 2014

April 11, 2014. Day 4. Carrabin to 20k east of Yellowdine.

Today began with a 5am SMS form my upcoming support team (Norseman to Ceduna) asking if I needed any luxuries... Just a camp stretcher for a night or two might be nice. LOL
Packed up & on the road by 7am. Not a lot of traffic. Nice undulations. Good riding weather, even if it's with a gentle headwind. Again! 4 days of it so far, not taxing in the RV at all, just a noticeable change in the air conditioning. 

A good ride to Southern Cross, to be reminded by the local constabulary that riding a bike is dangerous. 
So is getting out if bed every day!! 

Just a reminder to check my "Ghooli's". PMSL! ;-)

Lunch at Yellodine.. a Red Bull & salad sandwich. Wonder how good those "wings" will be?

Then another 40km to "the gravel pit" rest area. Which ended up being very popular with the grey nomads..3 cars, 1 Rotovelo and 6 caravans. 
Thanks to Neil for a coldie after a good days ride. Much appreciated!! Enjoy your travels mate !!  :-)