Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day 21. Ceduna to 15k W Minnipa.

Gotta love an early start.. You don't see this after 8am. 

An inspirational start, what WILL the day bring??  It's looking pretty special at 6am.  :-)

Out on the road, it's Sunday morning traffic is non existent. I was passed by only 1 vehicle in 2 hrs, a road train. The undulating road is quite easy riding, long slow climbs (15-18km/h) & some nice undulations. 

Then...Someone turned on the fan!

A howling crosswind kept my speed in check, all the way to Wirrulla.  Pfft :-( not amused. 

The General Store at Wirrulla was a welcome sight for a calorie upload! 2pies & the ever good chocky milk to wash it all down, oh, & a coke for the arvo run ...just in case, afterall it is my first day without "Thelma & Louise" to keep an eye on me. 

Thanks Girls. I've enjoyed every minute of it !! 

Finally the road began heading in the right direction, with the wind behind me, Poochera approached at a good turn of speed. 

Poochera. Home of the Dinosaur Ant. 
& a good sized steak sanger with the works!

142km by this stage...could I do another 100miler?  Only 18km to go.. with a light rain shower n darker clouds rolling in behind me...let's "take the Pepsi challenge"& give it a shot. 

15km short of Minnipa, 160km for the day ... bush camp time. 

Nice little sheltered hide away... and as it turned out, VERY well protected from the gale force winds that began just as I settled in & blew like buggery ALL night. 

Choice spot!! Top day too!!
:-) happy camper.