Friday, 11 April 2014

April 10, 2014. Day 5. 20k east of Yellowdine - Coolgardie.

One sentence sums it up... Lotsa Nuthin'  :-/
Got off to a good start at 7, ended up with a. "Herd of Grey Nomads" last night. 9 caravans.. The last rolled in at 9pm..someone should tell these people to STFU when they pull up. Some of us WERE tryin' to sleep. LOL
They did settle fairly quickly. Thank Christ! or it "coulda got nasty". ;-)

Damn moonlight is a pain lol. Still a few days from the full moon.. might b some night time riding, it's that bright..

Trivia..Pinpoint the horizon. It's supposed to be 26 miles if you're viewing flat land. 

Here's a godsend. Comfort stop. Found a hole in the fence & a free tap. Excellenct. Thanks Telstra. lol ;-)

Damn hills lol granny gear n pedal.. only solution.

Bulla Bulling roadhouse. Dead!! Closed, finished.. Kaput. 

Salvation. 130k. :-)

Coffee, dinner, bed... Repack-Repeat :-)