Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day 17. 20km W Yalata to Penong.

Dawn this morning (at 6.35am) revealed a rather thick fog. Our bush camp is in a flat valley area. 

The fog is good, as it means no wind. ... but a camp in a valley means a hill climb out!
It sure does, the first 3.85 km of today's ride is up a ruddy great long hill. Oh well, I'll warm up pretty quick. 
The hills seemed never ending when I called in at the abandoned Yalata roadhouse. 

Not a very happy camper LOL 
Just suck it up princess & keep pedalling, it'll end soon enough ... 

The hills became more "undulating" as I got closer to Nundroo. A welcome change indeed. 

Morning tea with Thelma & Lou was a welcome rest. Coke 'n pikelets.. perfect "cheer me up food". It was becoming quite warm, so a respite out of the RV was welcome too. 
The reason it was getting warm was the sou'wester blowing at the same speed I was riding ... No aircon effect. :-(

What a difference the rest made! I'd almost completed 2000km from Fremantle.... 36 more K's will be lunch. 

The road now flattened out to rolling Rotovelo riding. With very favourable wind I was belting along, 30+ km/h, & that was UP a few of the hills. 


I was somewhat "emotional" at the 2000km point & absolutely amazed at completing such a distance through some pretty tough moments but still getting closer to Ceduna each day. 


The afternoon leg was for a short 40km on into Penong for tonight's camp. 
With the winding road, & a fixed wind direction, meant for good and bad hills. 
The wind blast through gaps on the forrest made for some "exciting" downhills, with the RV getting hit by some serious cross winds, at 50+ km/h, at one point..."Holy Hell!!" Talk about skitterish!!!  

All's well that ends well.. 
The last 5km into Penong, though up a slight incline, was a nice chance to just take in the days travel. 

Very glad to see I was 1136km from Norseman almost 2 weeks ago.