Saturday, 5 April 2014

Freo brekky ride 'n sights

Although the weather forecast wasn't sounding great, morning storms, showers etc.,I felt the need to get a few more miles into the legs before heading off to Sydney
I planned to do the "Perth to City Beach" ride, then head down to Fremantle  & stop at "Ciccerello's" for breakfast/morning tea. Then head back to Perth for lunch at Fast Eddie's Cafe, followed by an arvo ride to Kings Park before calling it a day.
I'd carry a fair amount of my gear, just to ease into fully loaded mode again.

The plans of mice 'n men....

The ride out from the YHA was uneventful, cool and pleasant in the morning freshness heading south from Swanbourne to Fremantle, 

A view of the Indian Ocean, from Cottesloe..quite a queue of shipping.

Brekky/morning tea stop. Ciccerello's. (Yummo..just as I remembered it!)

The ride back to Fast Eddie's Cafe for lunch was also uneventful, with quite a bit of "on road" cycling, just to get a feel of the road surfaces.

On getting back to Fast Eddie's, the cafe was a coffee 'n cake was good enough for a quick lunch...the munchies I'd been carrying kept me topped up, so a big lunch wasn't necessary. 

On my way back to the YHA was where the plan went "pear shaped" ...for a bit, anyway

Is it a bad omen to get a puncture right out the front of Perth Railway Station?? When I'm planning to ride all the way to Sydney??

No, not really.. It was a busy spot to try and do a quick tube change though... 

The RV seems to attract attention .. *wink* it turned into a tube replacement demo for the small crowd of onlookers, as well as answering 20 questions. LOL

Well, I didn't mind... Kings Park will still be there tomorrow.