Saturday, 19 April 2014

Day 13. Mundrabilla to Border Village.

The plan today is to tackle the short distance (80 km) to Border Village, firstly to get out of Western Australia, & secondly to give the knees a break. I've done on average, over 100 miles each day, for the last three days and they're starting to feel the big miles. 
This morning the wind was already coming from the Nor 'east before I'd even hit the road. 

And so starts another day of headwinds. 

20km out seemed like a nice stop to rest the knees, they're feeling ok, just residual tiredness. 
The view into the DIRECT headwind ...

& the view t'other way ..

Gotta luv the colours !! :-)

More headwind & at 40km .. Rest again with T&L for morning tea..
It's gettin' a bit much... Even the trees don't grow vertical the wind is that constant. 

This lone tree is growing at an angle of 30deg. thanks to the wind. 
I'm starting to feel that way too. LOL 

Finally the climb up Eucla Pass, well, the wind is now a crosswind lol. 

The road builders monument at the crest..

One happy Velonaut!

Which way now?

Time to start my next rest day. With a trip out to the Old Telegraph Station. 

Then a walk through the dunes to the Old Supply Pier & the Southern Ocean. 

Then in the days ahead The Great Australian Bight. (as seen from the old Eucla pier) barely visible in the distance behind me.