Sunday, 13 April 2014

April 12, 2014. Day 6. Coolgardie to 30k north of Norseman.

The original plan for today is just to cruise out to Widgiemooltha, stop overnight and head for Norseman tomorrow ... 

A pleasant 80k ride. 

I had a nice fresh start from Coolgardie at 7am...usual start time. Saturday morning in Coolgardie and all that is open for business was the local IGA. I am still carrying plenty of supplies from Perth, so no stop was necessary. 

A magnificent looking day, & I have the road to myself for the first 25km. Only 1 road train passed me in that distance. 

The road through to Widgiemooltha is Velomobile territory. After every long slow climb is a descent of a good 5km, where it's possible to wind the RV out! 
It's possible to sit on a constant speed of 45km/h or faster, if I put a bit of effort into it ;-) 
What a change from yesterday after slogging along all day and seemingly not making any sort of progress. Today the K's are flying by, and I made it into the roadhouse before 11am. Gotta love "undulations". 

Had a morning tea stop, iced coffee, up 'n go, slab of carrot cake.  Hmmm only 11am, 90km to Norseman... It seems too nice a day to camp this early.  

I reckon I'll give Norseman a go... any distance covered today is less tomorrow.

mmmm  un-du-lations  Kewl!! :-) 

Wind up the legs, 'n  let's chase that semi down ... Roll 'em...

After 120km of fun..., my! how your fortunes change on the road!.. It must be time for afternoon tea...

Water, coffee, plunger!! ;-) Gatorade, fruit 'n nut mix...& a couple of Glucodin tabs....let's roll again !!

Hell!! The Shire of Dundas!!  Am I back in Sydney. I hope not! I'm having too much fun today. (I'm 40km north of Norseman --Shire Boundary) 

It's heading for. 4.30pm, still 40km to town...2hrs riding... Reckon I'll wild camp tonight. 

Nice little spot to myself 30k out ... 155km all up today.  
Not a bad effort, 'n I'm feeling pretty chuffed :-)