Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Day 16. 40km W of Nullabor Roadhouse to 20km W Yalata.

The plan today is to try & get past Yalata. 
I've had a rough nights sleep, waking several times. No real reasons, just being uncomfortable in the camp stretcher. 

Due to the time change yesterday, dawn didn't start breaking 'till 6.30am. Maybe they don't pay their power bills here, so the Sun sleeps in. LOL

On leaving camp the wind was totally calm. A few dark clouds drifted through from the southwest.  That didn't last long. 

Riding the 40 K's to Nullabor Roadhouse, the wind rose up from the Sou'east. Grr another day of headwinds. 
Finally the Western side of the Nullabor Plain itself. 

The sign is just 1km W of the roadhouse. 

I stopped in for the regulation chocolate milk & chocolate bar, answered the "20 questions" of all the other travellers. Just like EVERY other time I try. & stop anywhere, lol 

14km from Nullabor roadhouse is the turnoff to the Head of the Bight. I was having a tough time on trying to make the decision on wether to turn, or keep going. The damn wind was winning!!

Time to " take the Pepsi challenge" stuff the wind, & take the 12km detour out & back to check out the view.

I reckon it's worth it!!  :-)
Top spot for lunch again !!

Now for the afternoons entertainment. To see which, out of the "legs", "spirit", "terrain", or "headwind" would win & give out first before calling it a day!

T&L waited 20km up the road from our lunch stop, just to see how I was travelling "against the elements". All was good & I was back in the groove. 

Past the Eastern end of the Nullabor Plain, & good to go... 40km on, a short stop for a bit of fruit, generously donated by others (that will have to give it up at the Quarantine Station at Ceduna.)
Then back at it for the run into Yalata. 

Argh!! Hills!! What are they!! Those steep roady, climby, things... I haven't seen or ridden up one for nearly 1000km!!!

Hmmm there's a few muscles somewhere that haven't been used in a while! LOL

Add in this damned headwind & progress seems depressingly slow!

The sun's getting low in the sky, rather than push on too hard, it's time to call it a day 'n make camp. 

There's always tomorrow